Admission to 1st year

Major: Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnology

Speciality: electrical power system

For admission to the SSU to all areas of training Ukrainian language and literature is defined as the first competitive object. For specialty "Electronics, electrotechnology": - the second subject - mathematics; - The third subject - physics.

The teaching staff provides training in the following educational levels:

Bachelor in the direction of 6.050701 - "Electronics, electrotechnology" (4 years);
expert in the specialty 7.05070103 "electrical power system" (1 year from the bachelor's degree);
Master specialty 7.05070103 "electrical power system" (1 year from the bachelor's degree or specialist).
Training is conducted by full-time, part-time and distance forms.

Department of Electricity is:

The possibility of obtaining a master's diploma European University;
The possibility of obtaining parallel economic education studying for dual curriculum;
Guaranteed 100% employment;
Summer practice abroad in Europe and the US;
The presence of the military department;
International conferences, student exchanges;
Department of Electricity no doubt, is one of the leading departments of SSU. The department provides its students to take summer practice abroad in Western Europe and the United States international program Work @ Travel. It enables young people not only travel the world and meet the peculiarities of life in other countries, but also get a unique language practice among native speakers.

Students can take advantage of power unique opportunity to dual training in two directions. That is, a student studying for their major may develop additional economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management. As a result, after graduation by dual plans, graduates of the department are just two diplomas - the basic specialty "electrical engineer", and additional economic field.

Students have the opportunity to power with specialist diploma obtained by the same specialty master's diploma of the European sample. Training takes place at the Lublin University of Tehnology (m. Lublin, Poland) full-time training. Diplomas of the type found in Western Europe and the US, allowing graduates to find employment abroad. It should be noted that due to well established educational training process to obtain double diplomas does not create unnecessary difficulties for students.

The department constantly successful cooperation with leading energy companies and Sumy region of Ukraine. Among the partners - JSC "Sumyoblenergo" SE "Sumy main electric networks" of "SMNVO them. Frunze ". Students are constantly undergoing pre and practice at the partner companies, and the best graduates are excellent opportunities for further employment.

Dual plans

Дуальні плани