Lublin University of Technology

     Students have the opportunity to chair electricity simultaneously with a degree obtained in the same specialty master’s degree European sample. Training is carried out in the Lublin University of Tehnology ( Lublin , Poland ) in full-time education . This degree is recognized in Western Europe and the United States that gives graduates the opportunity to find a job abroad. Training cost is 350 euros per semester , duration – 1.5 years.

     Prepare to get double degree is not big concerns for students. Studying on the 5th course SSU , students go to Poland, where with the help of remote communication technologies continue to train and protect theses for qualification of ” electrical engineer .”

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Vitali Bondarev year of study in the University of Lublin

     2010 our university has signed an agreement with the Polytechnic University of Lublin (Politechnika Lubelska) which is located in Lublin, Poland . Thanks to this agreement, students of the Department of Electric Power are able to obtain a second diploma European-style parallel ending SSU . Under this agreement , students who wish to enroll in PL, do not need to take any entrance exams. The fact that the level of knowledge in the SSU are quite satisfied with the Polish side . All that is required of the student, this desire, minimal knowledge of the Polish language, which can be obtained at our university and tuition fees , size of 1,600 zlotys per semester . Total Training in Poland lasts 3 semesters , beginning with the month of March and until July next year. How is the procedure for admission?

     Since the beginning of the last academic year , the 5th year in SSU student – applicant begins studying the Polish language. This discipline is not mandatory for the entire group , but only for those who wish to study in PL and is held in the form of courses . At the end of the semester you need to register on the site PL and apply for admission to graduate school. Next you need to gather all the necessary documents to obtain a visa , because Poland is a number of EU countries . Last semester SSU is structured as follows : one module is still ongoing classes , followed by pre-diploma practice and defense of diploma Projects . Those students who enroll in PL must be made in advance of the last module plan , practice counted as training in the Lublin University. After that, you can safely go to study in Poland.

     What happens next?

     Then I will tell all by example.

     Arriving in Lublin , I went searching for this very Politechniki Lubelskej, thanks to today’s technology and the Internet is no big deal . When I found the University , then went straight to the dean’s office , where I got a student gradebook , lesson plan , signed a couple of documents , given a room in the hostel and in principle could start classes. Well, after all the fun began . I lived in a dormitory with two students Poles, in principle, I had no choice , because at that time I was the only Ukrainian . To some extent this was a plus for me – dealing only with the Poles quickly learn the language. Dormitories are two minutes from the academic buildings . Inside, as well as externally, they look pretty cute . Everything is neat , well maintained and everything you need is there .

     In the classroom the first two weeks was somehow not on itself . Well first of all with the tongue I was tugovato , and secondly all a bit different from ours. I will not say it was easy , but not impossible. My bandmates have always helped me , felt their support , not only academically, but also in everyday life. The first thing that catches the eye is the latest technology which are used in the learning process , modern laboratories and knowledge , all at the highest level. Slightly different learning process : No modular system more labs than practices , the complete absence of the humanities .

     Two months later, I realized that studying in the PL is not only a class, but also leisure . Well first of all for the students organize excursions to different factories, companies, firms, cities such as Warsaw, Krakow , Torun , etc. There we not only observed the production process of different technologies , but also had the opportunity to walk and relax in the city, especially as there is something to see . Also in Poland there is an annual festival celebration for students, for each university, he has a name . For example it was a holiday PL Juvenal , medical university, he had the name Medikaliya . Each university this festival lasts for a week , during which hosts concerts incredible proportions , festivals , and fun activities for students.

     Parallel studies in Poland, I was finishing a thesis for the SSU and the end of the school year there was a problem . Privacy thesis in SSU coincided with a session in the PL. After conferring with Lebedinskii IL, head of our department , it was decided to conduct online protection . Nowadays, the technology allows it, and even in Russia passed a law that allows to conduct online protection . The result was to create a bridge through which I could see and hear the Commission, and they , in turn, to see and hear me. All went well : Session in Poland was not missed, diploma in Ukraine was protected . At the end of the session I came to Ukraine and had just on certificate. But there is still a year of study in the PL and writing another thesis.

     I am grateful to our university , our dean , our department for the opportunity. Certainly, it is not easy, but the chance is not given to everyone , and sin not to use them , the main thing to fear and nothing to strive for their goals.