Winners of student papers 2016 m. Dnipropetrovsk

Congratulations to the students of the department of scientific power were marked by the All-Ukrainian competition of scientific works in the field "and Elektroethnika electrician":

Ivanov Sergey Ignatov and Oksana (gr. ETM-51) a diploma of the first degree

Yermolenko Andrew (gr. ET-21) and Stanislav Kaherskoho (gr. ETM-51) second degree diploma

Bilokovalenka Sergey and Roman Starshykova (gr. ETM-51) tretho degree diploma

Tour the factory Guala Closures Group students of Electricity

Students group ET-21 in February 2016 visited the plant Guala Klozhers Ukraine for the production of aluminum screw type caps PilferProof, Alusnap.

The company today is a world leader in the manufacture of disposable and aluminum closures for a variety of beverages, oil and vinegar, water and pharmaceuticals. Predstvitelstva working in 20 countries. Future Energy Company learned of the electrical equipment.